Matthew Innes

Matthew is an Engineer who worked in Architecture for many years. The experience of working in visual design lead him to study art, initially to better express ideas and to improve his ability to communicate with other design professionals and later, as a pastel artist to instill in the viewer the awe of the natural world.

Born in the United Kingdom in 1966. He moved to Calgary, Canada in 2005 where he could fully participate in his love of mountains and mountain sports; climbing, running and cycling.

Mountains are his favourite places; he has a deep reverence for them, they have been here far longer than us and will remain long after we have gone. With effort, often struggle we enter these high places but the conditions are too inhospitable to stay for long. To survive there is an intense experience. You have to be fully aware of the situation, the conditions, the weather, you must constantly monitor, analysis and then act. This intensity of thought and action makes everything around you more alive.   Colours are more vivid, contrast more acute. His art is an expression of this intensity, pastels are laid thickly on the paper to express the magnificence of the place, their ancientness and resilience.